How Blue Balls was found

Once upon a time, there were two pals named Petter and Stig. Both hailing from the frozen tundra of Norway, fate led them to cross paths in the tropical paradise that is Singapore.

Stig and Petter have long been avid cyclists. Petter (always full of good ideas), decided to gather a pack of cyclists from all over the world together to enjoy group rides on various days of the week. Stig (always full of…something else), was of course a regular attendee. After Petter was gifted a pair of blue blinking plastic testicles that hung from the seat of his bicycle, the group became known as the Blue Balls Cycling Club, much to the amusement of all its members.

One night, after many long rides and some even longer drinking sessions; Stig and Petter realized they needed to create a special place for their crew and all the other cyclists of Singapore to gather – and thus, Blue Balls Cafe was born!

Committed to building a haven for anyone passionate about cycling (or simply looking for a cool place to meet some new people), Blue Balls Cafe is here to welcome you. Whether you’re a marathon cyclist or a newbie, five years old or ninety-five, flashing the latest gear or cruising around on the neighbor kid’s rusty tricycle – welcome home.